About Us

Blockchain Built provides education, compliance consulting and business advisory services for companies, service providers and investors operating within the blockchain and emerging technology space.  Clients come to Blockchain Built to receive high level strategic advisement that puts them in the best position to build, service or invest in blockchain-based businesses, while successfully navigating an evolving regulatory landscape. Blockchain Built not only provides training for industry entrants but, also acts as a support team for the sustainability and growth of existing industry participants. We partner with our clients through their journey to unlocking the potential of blockchain technology.






Blockchain Education

We provide specially tailored “Bridge the Gap” education and training programs for professionals, businesses and investors looking to increase their level of proficiency within the blockchain space.

Regulation and Compliance

We provide the guidance and tools necessary to keep your blockchain-based businesses compliant in a rapidly evolving regulatory landscape.

Business Advisory

We will assist you market analysis, business development and strategic advisory to help take your business to the next level.

Investment Strategy

We provide strategic guidance and develop financing strategies for businesses exploring fundraising options. We also provide guidance to investors seeking opportunities within the blockchain and digital asset space.


Please include in your message some general information about your current or future projects and areas where you feel guidance is needed.

We are happy to set up a free initial consultation to take a deeper dive into how we can assist you with your Blockchain Venture.

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