About Us

Blockchain Built provides high level education and training services dedicated to the Blockchain and cryptocurrency space. Our clients are service providers, industry professionals, businesses and investors, whom have found themselves at the intersection of their business, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Our blockchain and cryptocurrency education and training courses and resources range from beginner to advanced levels. We evaluate your current level of knowledge and understanding of Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies with the goal of getting you to your desired level of knowledge and understanding of the technology.


Blockchain Built will provide you with the tools and resources you need to succeed within the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.




Blockchain Technology Education

Receive specially tailored "Bridge the Gap" professional and executive training to obtain your desired level of proficiency in blockchain technology.

Cryptocurrency Education

Receive in depth training on cryptocurrencies, digital assets and their growing role in the digital economy so you can speak with fluency and operate with confidence when advising clients or exploring opportunities within the cryptocurrency space.


We are happy to set up a free initial consultation to take a deeper dive into how we can assist you with your venture.

Please include in your message some general information about your current areas of interests along with your educational goals.

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