Blockchain Technology Education:


A technical Blockchain Education for the non-technical professional.  If you are a business professional that needs to learn blockchain technology in order to be more effective in providing services to your clients, or are exploring how the technology may add value to your company, then Blockchain Built’s instructional programs are for you.  We understand that attorneys, accountants, financial advisors, consultants and other professionals may not be equipped with a highly technical background and we makes sure that they don’t need to be in order to have blockchain technology explained.  Our educational programs on blockchain technology are designed in a way to provide you with the valuable tools that you need to apply to your business immediately.  

 Our educational training programs and blockchain courses range from beginner to advanced levels but it is not one size fits all.  We will have an initial consultation with you to evaluate your current level of knowledge and understanding of Blockchain in comparison to your desired level of knowledge and understanding of the technology.  We then develop a specifically tailored program to get you to your desired level of proficiency.

We will teach you how the technology works, explore business applications and use cases that currently or will affect your industry.  Through our partnership with Keala Advisors, we will also provide you with practice pointers and business growth strategies to use when exploring opportunities within the blockchain space.  

 We will provide you with the tools you need to succeed within the blockchain space.

  • Individualized in Person Training
  • Virtual Training
  • Group Seminars
  • Corporate Workshops


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