bitcoin consultant

Blockchain Built is a professional Blockchain education and training company.  We provide corporate and executive blockchain and cryptocurrency training for professionals, businesses and investors.

Blockchain Built’s team of training professionals are handpicked with a diverse yet highly complimentary background and skill set.  The team is specially equipped to guide its clients as they navigate their way to understanding blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency landscape.  Training courses that we provide include content on: what is blockchain, various blockchain applications, how to invest in cryptocurrency, where to invest in cryptocurrency, crypto mining, custody of cryptocurrency, and much more.

We are headquartered in New York City, but we provide online and in person blockchain training globally.  Our clients include small to mid-size companies, investment firms, cryptocurrency exchanges, financial institutions, software developers,  and various professional service providers.  

We provide top level corporate blockchain training and educational instruction for clients looking to learn Blockchain technology from beginner to advanced levels.  This includes companies that are exploring blockchain solutions to integrate into their business operations, businesses exploring entry into the market, and professionals who provide services for clients operating within the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency space.

Our company works hand in hand with our clients on both the technology and cryptocurrency sides.  We will learn and evaluate your current business requirements, needs and goals and then design specifically tailored training services to most adequately fulfill those needs and goals.

Contact us today to learn more about our Blockchain Education services or how Blockchain technology can impact your business.