bitcoin consultant

Blockchain Built is a management consulting and advisory firm that provides strategic consulting and business advisory services for Blockchain based companies, service providers, industry professionals, individual investors and investment groups.

Blockchain Built’s team of consultants and advisory partners are handpicked with a diverse yet highly complimentary background and skill set specially equipped to guide its clients as they navigate their way through this emerging Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency landscape.

Although headquartered in New York City, our work is performed globally.  Our clients include small to mid-size companies, investment funds, cryptocurrency exchanges, software developers, Blockchain service providers and governmental agencies.  

We provide top level corporate training and educational instruction for clients looking to learn Blockchain technology from beginner to advanced levels. This includes companies that are looking for Blockchain solutions to integrate into their business operations.

 We also consult with newly built Blockchain platforms during all phases of initial coin offerings, token sales and the tokenization of assets. For Blockchain developers and service providers we provide strategic guidance and business development. Investment groups such as Family Offices, Venture Capital and Private Equity firms are given the ability to leverage our firm’s industry experience and knowledge to guide their investment decisions within the space.  We also advise clients in regulatory and compliance issues they may face during their business endeavors.

Our firm works hand in hand with our clients on both the technology and cryptocurrency side exploring the different technological products, services and applications of Blockchain.  We evaluate your current business requirements, needs and goals and then design specifically tailored services to most adequately fulfill those needs. Contact us today to learn more about our Blockchain services or how Blockchain technology can impact your business